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V-Day is upon us, kids, and it's time for romantic reminiscing. Some were hot, some were not, but all set off sparks on America's pop-culture radar. Willow and Tara, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wiccan witches Willow and Tara had been platonically chanting, lighting candles and holding hands to save the world — until the day Buffy's mom unexpectedly dies.

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For better or worse, first kisses are almost always memorable. If the kissers are lucky, locking lips is a moment of heart-stopping chemistry. Most couples take the kiss for granted, but for lesbian and gay partners, a kiss can take on historical importance — whether it's the first or fiftieth.

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Love is love. Seeing two girls kissing just solidifies what they already innately know. You can see the moment for yourself at about the mark in the video below:.

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The fight for better LGBTQ representation on television is a long, slow process, but init seems like things are finally starting to improve. After writers on the CW series The killed off a major lesbian character intaking scene cues directly from a episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayerfans took their ire and created a nonprofit dedicated to seeking better LGBTQ representation in media. However, there are a handful of not-straight characters who had more than just fleeting moments of happiness on their various TV series, and that's worth celebrating. Heck, even the history of same-sex kisses on TV is worth celebrating, so we're doing exactly that.

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Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. The first Golden Age of television in the s brought livelier programs like I Love Lucywhich paved the way for decades of situational comedies based on family drama and interpersonal relationships.

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The dilemma I am a year-old man and I had, until last year, identified as a straight man. We were good mates then, but nothing more. We are both architects and I went to see some of his latest work.

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With less than a month to go before the third-season premiere of Netflix's hot-and-heavy prison drama Orange Is the New Black, we thought we'd stoke excitement by recalling other shows that proudly featured glorious same-sex kissingas OITNB is prone to do. In the beginning, it wasn't just a ploy for ratings or titillation, it was a rebellious and dangerous act. It was not uncommon for the Emmy-winning drama to push boundaries of traditional television, but this was really a daring move.

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Despite the degree weather, one of the coldest NYC Thanksgivings in decades, balloons flew high. And, in case you missed it, a same-sex kiss became one of the day's most talked-about highlights. It debuted last month.

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Since the show's inception infans have looked forward to seeing their favorite actors take home the top prize: the coveted golden popcorn trophy. From fan-favorite categories such as Best Villain and Best Fight, to Best Movie and Best Kiss, the annual ceremony is notorious for its off-the-cuff moments on stage. Macaulay Culkin in the coming-of-age dramedy.

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The one feature of a gay kiss that separates it from other types of romantic acts is the experience involves two men. As a result, gay kissing tend to be more intense. But when done wrong, it can ruin the possibility of future encounters. We created this guide on gay kissing to help you learn the basics of locking lips.


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